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Todo o processo é prático, rápido e conveniente, com toda a flexibilidade que você precisa


What furniture do you need?

You can define the furniture of your choice on our corporate or residential product pages.


We will send you a quote.

We deliver the furniture in its time and according to your need. Therefore, after choosing the products and finalizing the budget request on the website, we will request some information about your project, such as rental period and delivery location. Thus, your budget will be prepared and we can schedule your delivery, as agreed.


Receive the furniture

The delivery and assembly of the furniture will be carried out at the agreed time, according to your need and with minimum interference in your environments.

Ainda tem dúvidas dos benefícios do Mobiliário como Serviço?

What if you could view your new office virtually?

Assemble, dismantle and reassemble your workplace in 3D with the full range of John Richard furniture, here on our website


You just need to know the measurements of your workspace to start setting up your environment however you want, with John Richard furniture. Layouts can also be edited or adjusted on the platform, whenever necessary.

Acesse nosso simulador de layout Acesse

Se você já tem um projeto pronto ou precisa de nossa ajuda, nos colocamos à disposição para entender melhor sua necessidade e elaborar um orçamento.

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