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Furniture renting in São Paulo.

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São Paulo - Headquarters

R. Sion, 66 - Veleiros - São Paulo - SP - 04774-040

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Contact 0800 771 5352 | +55 11 5698-5300

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John Richard’s unit structure in São Paulo: 3 warehouses with over 3.600m².

With over 44 million inhabitants in more than 640 municipalities, the State of São Paulo is the most populous in Brazil. According to IBGE (data from 2015), São Paulo has the largest GDP among all Brazilian states, being a very important global corporate hub .

Headquarters for countless companies and in a region with a high concentration of businesses, the capital and largest municipalities of the State of São Paulo are renowned for their strong business appeal. As a result, the region has a high demand for office furniture..

The presence of John Richard in São Paulo is part of the “nationwide and close to customer” company’s strategy. In addition to the focus on an excellent service in the State, own logistics and a skilled team, national agreements have the same standard in all 7 units Units.

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Furniture rental
office in Sao Paulo.

São Paulo is the base of many national and international companies; it also concentrates co-workings and startups. Located in the south area of the city, John Richard's São Paulo unit rents office furniture with agility to keep up with corporate moves..

John Richard serves temporary needs - projects, corporate events and training - and long-term office assembly in the capital and throughout the state, mainly in cities with high demand: Campinas, Ribeirão Preto and São José dos Campos..

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Furniture rental
Residential in São Paulo.

The rental of residential furniture meets, mainly, the needs of expatriates. As the city of São Paulo has extreme relevance for multinationals acting in Brazil, most of the foreigners are transferred to the São Paulo metropolitan area..

Also, some professionals are transferred across the country to São Paulo. Just as expatriates, they need adequate housing and find an agile way of being received in ready-to-live houses through furniture rental..

The city is home to several public and private colleges; therefore, the State’s student migration is very expressive and renting residential furniture to study in capitals and cities in São Paulo inland is a convenient solution for those who need temporary housing for the period of their course..

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