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Tall Cabinet

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Storing documents, office supplies and other objects are essential needs in a corporate routine. After all, an organized office influences the performance of professionals, and the atmosphere. Therefore, it is ideal to have adequate storage space. The Tall Cabinet is a piece of furniture with excellent dimensions to accommodate multiple items. The mobile shelves allow internal areas to be adjusted, which makes it possible to create compartments with different sizes. The cabinet’s stability is assured thanks to the levelers found on its feet. In addition, the cabinet’s lock and key guarantee security for sensitive and/or valuable items; and the optional use of 2 devices for hanging folders make it even more complete and functional.
- 1 fixed central shelf;
- 2 mobile shelves;
- 2 frontal doors;
- Lock with key;
- Support base (feet) with levelers;
- Optional hanging file folder module.

The Tall Cabinet is suitable for the entire office. Its use is convenient in both communal areas and meeting rooms.
The quality of this cabinet is guaranteed, as it is manufactured by Rivera.

Length 920mm
Height 1.600mm
Depth 450mm
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