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Doty Chair Clipboarder

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With classic lines, the Doty Chair, popularly known as University or Academic Chair, is very practical. The fabric seat and backrest offer comfort to the user, even in situations of prolonged use. The armrest is another feature that influences comfort positively. Recommended for multiple uses, the Doty Chair stands out in training sessions for making the optional use of clipboards possible. In this way, it ensures that users have an adequate space for taking notes and/or to use of notebooks, tablets, etc.
- Seat and back in fabric;
- Fixed structure and feet (cannot be adjusted);
- Optional use of folding clipboard.

The Doty Chair is generally used in receptions, training rooms, meeting rooms, auditoriums, integration areas and others.
Proven quality, as it is manufactured by Flexform.

Length 615mm
Height 800mm
Depth 550mm
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