Drawer cabinet with 4 Drawers

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The wheels on the drawer cabinet with 4 drawers allow mobility within the working environment. By facilitating the organization, access and movement of documents, the drawer cabinet serves as a tool that provides agility to the office and helps in the corporate routine. The 4 drawers have the ideal space to store different documents, whose security is assured by the use of a key. Versatile, it works for individual use and also in conjunction with working positions (tables and chairs).
- 4 drawers, 1 narrow and 3 standard;
- Lock with key;
- Wheels.

The Drawer cabinet with 4 Drawers is suitable for use at working desks, platform tables and in meeting rooms.
This drawer cabinet’s quality is guaranteed, as it is manufactured by Rivera.

Length 440mm
Height 640mm
Depth 540mm
Atendimento Digital John Richard

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