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Hexa Table

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The innovative concept of the Hexa Desk meets the demands for more cooperation, co-creation and an open space layout in the offices. Modular and with favorable angles to fit in different positions, it adapts to the workplace with ease and charm. With a hive like structure, it transforms the working environment into a more modern and inviting space for interaction. In addition, it optimizes space by allowing shared use by up to 6 people when it is set up individually.
The Hexa Desk stands out for its interaction with the laid back atmospheres of co-working spaces and startups, being a table option with synergistic attributes to the corporate environments of the new economy.
- Cable passage from the top to the bottom of the counter;
- Feet with wheels and latches;
- Accommodates up to 6 people.

The Hexa Desk is suitable for use in meeting rooms, shared environments and communal office areas.
The quality of this desk is guaranteed, as it is manufactured by Rivera.

Length 1.600mm
Height 750mm
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