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4 Door Steel Wardrobe

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The Steel Wardrobe has 4 high doors for storing various items. Inside, each door has 2 compartments that are equally divided. Versatile and sturdy, it's an ideal closet for work sites, functioning as a practical and durable wardrobe. It helps organize the work environment and allows workers to have a suitable place to store their belongings with safety and privacy.
- 4 doors with shutters for ventilation;
- Each door holds 02 vertical compartments divided into two equal parts.
- Locking system for padlock;
- Shelf capacity up to 15 kg (well distributed).

The 4 Door Steel Wardrobe is recommended for work sites storage, as a locker in co-working spaces, startups and student dorms, closets in offices with more relaxed atmospheres, etc.

Length 1.000mm
Height 1.930mm
Depth 420mm
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