Single Bed Box

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The Single Box Bed’s structure is ideal to accommodate users and offer a comfortable environment for rest and sleep. Its firm and stable box comes with a Bonnell Spring Mattress, which has anti-mite treatment. Combined with the Bed Kit, also rented by John Richard, the Single Box Bed is fully equipped to accommodate children, teenagers and/or young adults in individual and/or shared bedrooms.
- Mattress with Bonnell springs;
- Covered with anti-mite and flame-retardant fabric;
- Mattress Protector Included;
- Bed Kit and Bath Kit can be rented as an optional accessory.

The Single Box Bed is recommended for residential use and is ideal for bedrooms.

Produto exclusivo para colaboradores em mobilidade nacional e internacional.

Length 880mm
Depth 1.970mm
Atendimento Digital John Richard

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