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Double Box Bed

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Sleeping well is important for the health and well-being of all family members. The sturdy and stable box guarantees optimum comfort for a good night’s sleep. With anti-mite treatment and a protector included, the Bonnell Spring Mattress is very comfortable, safe and hygienic. As the bed consists of two double parts, entry into bedrooms is facilitated.
- Bonnell spring mattresses;
- Covered with anti-mite and flame-retardant fabric;
- Includes a Mattress Protector that promotes greater comfort and hygiene;
- Comprised of two single beds joined by a junction cover;
- Bed Kit and Bath Kit can be rented optionally.

The Double Box Bed is recommended for residential use and is ideal for bedrooms.

Produto exclusivo para colaboradores em mobilidade nacional e internacional.

Length 1.760mm
Depth 1.970mm
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