Taedda Single Bed

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The Taedda Single Bed, made of solid pine wood and varnished in ivory color, has the perfect structure to ensure healthy and satisfactory sleep. The mattress with Bonnell springs offers total comfort to the user, besides being covered with anti-mite fabric and including a hygienic protector, which guarantees safety and durability. Ideal for individual bedrooms, it can be used by children, youngsters and adults. With a very comfortable size, it is quite firm and resistant.
- Mattress with Bonnell springs;
- Covered with anti-mite and flame-retardant fabric;
- Includes a Mattress Protector that promotes greater comfort and hygiene;
- Bed Kit and Bath Kit can be rented optionally.

The Taedda Single Bed is recommended for residential use and is ideal for bedrooms.

Produto exclusivo para colaboradores em mobilidade nacional e internacional.

Height 1.150mm
Atendimento Digital John Richard

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