Table Utilities Kit Plus

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The Table Utilities Kit Plus offers a more complete list of serving utensils. Ideal for those looking for items to prepare and offer full course meals, it includes dishes, teacups, cutlery and glasses. There are almost 20 items that provide convenience for people in who are relocating or in temporary housing. Expatriates and students are usually the ones who most benefit from renting the kit.
- 4 flat plates;
- 4 soup bowls;
- 4 dessert plates;
- 4 coffee cups and saucers;
- 4 teacups and saucers;
- 4 tall glasses;
- 4 short glasses;
- 4 table forks;
- 4 dessert forks;
- 4 table knives;
- 4 table spoons;
- 4 teaspoons;
- 4 coffee spoons;
- 4 dessert spoons;
- 4 table mats;
- 1 cutlery holder;
- 4 tricoline napkins;
- 4 wine glasses.

The Table Utilities Kit Plus is recommended for homes and is ideal for dining rooms.

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