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The kitchen is the part of the house with the greatest number of utensils. Even a quick meal requires a serious set of basic items to be prepared and tasted comfortably. To assist families and/or people that are relocating or in temporary housing, the Kitchen Utilities Kit is a convenient and practical rental solution. With excellent quality items, the kit has been specially designed and assembled to meet your main kitchen needs.
- 1 rectangular tray;
- 1 oval shape baking pan;
- 2 square shape baking pans;
- 3 casseroles with handles;
- 1 skillet;
- 1 ladle;
- 1 skimmer;
- 1 bottle opener;
- 1 manual can opener;
- 1 tong;
- 1 meat cutting board;
- 1 glass jar;
- 1 serving spoon;
- 1 serving fork;
- 1 set of knives;
- 1 scissors.

The Kitchen Utilities Kit is recommended for use in homes and is ideal for your kitchen.

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