Table Utilities Kit

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Whether it’s for hosting guests or daily use, cups, plates, cutlery and other items are key to the residential routine and setting a beautiful dining table. The Table Utilities Kit was specially developed to meet the needs of people that are relocating and/or in temporary housing and need everyday objects.
- 4 flat plates;
- 4 soup bowls;
- 4 dessert plates;
- 4 coffee cups and saucers;
- 4 tea cups and saucers;
- 4 tall glasses;
- 4 short glasses;
- 4 table forks;
- 4 dessert forks;
- 4 table knives;
- 4 table spoons;
- 4 teaspoons;
- 4 coffee spoons;
- 4 dessert spoons;
- 4 table mats;
- 1 cutlery holder.

The Table Utilities Kit is recommended for use in homes and is ideal for kitchens and dining rooms.

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