Taedda Corner Table

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The Taedda Corner Table is a perfect support for the side of sofas and armchairs. Placing it next to the seating furniture makes it easy to the use cups, glasses and books. It’s also possible to use the table as part of the decoration with personal objects, souvenirs or picture frames. For those who like to create a living environment with indirect lighting, the Taedda Corner Table is also great for placing lamps and fixtures. Using this piece in pairs, that is, one on each side of the sofa, is an interesting alternative so that all those seated can use them.

- Made with solid pine wood;
- Varnished in ivory color.

The Taedda Corner Table is recommended for homes and is ideal for living rooms.

Produto exclusivo para colaboradores em mobilidade nacional e internacional.

Length 600mm
Height 500mm
Depth 600mm
Atendimento Digital John Richard

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