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Urban Coffee Table

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The mix of the industrial look of the feet and the charm of the rustic wood give the Urban line a modern and elegant design. Ideal to be placed in front of the sofa, the Coffee Table allows decorative objects such as arrangements and souvenirs to create a cozy atmosphere.

With ideal height to serve comfortably the residents and visitors, complete the decoration of the living environment and also serves with a support of objects in use, such as cups, bowls and others.

- Ecologically correct product, according to the concepts Biomóvel;
- Rustic finish in brushed eucalyptus.
- Feet in black lacquer.

The Urban Center Table is suitable for residential use and is ideal for living rooms. Produto exclusivo para colaboradores em mobilidade nacional e internacional.

Length 900mm
Height 400mm
Depth 610mm
Atendimento Digital John Richard

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