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Why rent furniture ?

Renting furniture is the ideal solution to furnish spaces according to the needs of each moment. With an agile and customized service, you always have furniture suitable for use and aligned to the situation you are going through..

The world shifts at an ever-increasing speed, reinforcing the relevance of on-demand solutions to obtain flexibility, agility and economy, attributes and advantages of specialized services..

Furniture renting meets moments of transition of both companies and people, adapting to the demands of their different moments. For companies that need positions and/or workstations, John Richard's furniture and service are providential..

Companies of all sizes and market segments, as well as people on the move, have troubled routines and need everyday ease. Therefore, renting furniture is a versatile, complete and convenient solution..

The advantages of renting furniture .

Furniture rental ensures the assembly of an on-demand structure for corporate and residential environments. In addition, it is hired according to the time of each need, taking care of everything from emergencies to extended periods..

Because renting is a service, furniture maintenance costs are included in the rental agreement; this means that the company and/or the resident can count on John Richard’s specialized assistance, always at their disposal, thus, avoiding long unavailability and operational overload..

Space management is also an issue that furniture rental favors. Companies can define the layout of the environment to optimize the area, with no waste regarding storage of deprecated and/or damaged items..

Because it is an operating expense, furniture renting can be deducted from income tax. Furthermore, it does not involve fixed assets, which can be invested in core business and/or in items with potential for profit..

Benefits of renting furniture

Learn about other advantages of renting for segments John Richard serves:

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