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Advantages of leasing office furniture .

Regardless of size and performance, there are needs that are shared by all companies, such as work positions, meeting spaces, and other items related to office structure..

In response to these demands, renting tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. is a solution to furnish corporate spaces and professional environments in an appropriate manner and, mainly, convenient to the company’s management..

One of the main advantages of renting office furniture is the agile service provided to companies in the process of change. Contributing to rapid layout adjustments, renting furniture allows to focus on core business and optimized asset management..

Because the renting process is flexible, it allows to follow office changes; it is a solution that turns furniture into items provided on demand. Whenever needed, they are rented and immediately delivered; when no longer needed, they are picked-up.

O prazo de entrega dos móveis é de, no mínimo, 48 horas após a aprovação do pedido.

To rearrange teams, changing layouts and expansions are easily accomplished when furniture is rented. The company does not have to worry about furniture; it needs simply to adjust the request and the contracting..

Furthermore, this model also ensures compliance with the requirement for ergonomic furniture, as described in the ABNT NR 17 standard, which regulates working conditions in various aspects, and prioritizes employee health and well-being within the corporate environment..

Studies such as neuro-architecture confirm that the office also plays a major role in encouraging creativity and increasing performance. Therefore, keeping it suitable and always up-to-date is one of the benefits of renting furniture that may reflect upon performance..

The versatility of renting furniture allows the solution to be implemented in varied situations. Learn more about rental advantages for different corporate scenarios:
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