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Benefits of Renting Furniture for Corporations

Space management is part of the corporate routine. Companies need to offer appropriate work positions, meeting areas, collaborative environments, places for projects, training and other different situations involving the need for furniture.

Furniture rental is a solution that follows changes and brings flexibility, agility and convenience to the day to day business. When renting desks, chairs and cabinets on demand, the company has exactly what it needs in a timely manner.

The flexibility granted by renting is easily perceived in expansions, reductions, and adjustments. Agility is clear in immediate care and delivery, as well as withdrawals. Furthermore, customers can count on the convenience of John Richard's global attention to furniture.

Among the benefits arising from the rental, we highlight the reduction of hidden costs. The company does not need to store unused furniture nor worry about maintenance.

Another direct benefit of Brazil's largest rental agency is the agility in delivering and withdrawing. Thanks to its own logistics, national presence and specialized team, the company manages to serve its customers immediately.

Ideal for many situations, furniture rentals can be used in:




Openings of new businesses and/or subsidiaries;

Demand increases;

Accommodation of third parties in the company;

Areas of innovation;

Meetings and training;

Corporate Events;

Among others

From furniture that lasts forever to furniture that changes with you..
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