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Advantages of long-term furniture rental.

Are you in doubt between rental and purchase of furniture? Companies change faster and faster. Strategies and structures are continuously reviewed. Why choose furniture that does not follow those changes??

An office supported in rented furniture enables a flexible work environment that follows business growth, reduction of departments, migrations, and other various movements in the corporate universe.

A locação de móveis é como ter seu mobiliário na nuvem, o conceito transformador de furniture as a service representa um mobiliário contratado sob demanda, entregue quando solicitado e retirado quando não é mais necessário.

Renting furniture is like having it in the cloud; the transformer concept of furniture as a service means furniture contracted on demand, delivered when requested and removed when no longer needed.

Instead of buying tables, chairs and cabinets, shouldering the depreciation of furniture and tying up capital, the company provides furniture rental solutions that optimize the management of assets with the advantages of a leasing service - delivery, maintenance, etc.

Furniture rental allows quick changes. This way, the company is able to change its structure without paying for the hidden costs of possession and freeing space of furniture not in use.

Innovation area in particular benefits a lot from furniture rental. Creating an inspiring environment that meets various demands is challenging. The space needs to reinvent itself at the speed of innovation, which is easy and convenient when furniture is rented.

Advantages of long-term furniture rental.

In purchases, items are included to CAPEX (capital expenditure), require high investment, maintenance, and are not flexible to changes. If demand for workstations changes, the company either makes a new purchase or sees its capital trapped in obsolete items.

In rentals, furniture is OPEX (operating expenditure), 100% deductible from income tax, with payment aligned to demand and usage, and maintenance included. It follows corporate changes and frees capital to be invested in your core business.

So, furniture outsourcing - long-term furniture rental - is an option for those seeking a solution to ensure the most appropriate furniture, flexibility to change quickly, and the benefits of a specialized service.

Furniture rental is also a smart financial decision. Low investment per working position enables a lean and full asset management, as the whole furniture cycle is the responsibility of John Richard.

From furniture that lasts forever to furniture that changes with you..
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