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Benefits of Renting for Startups.

The startup market is characterized by ruptures, abrupt changes, and scalable needs. Native of the age of acceleration, these companies have a managerial speed that demands agile and on-demand solutions..

Added to this, the startuppers are immersed in the transition between a possession mentality to a use mentality, which turns the advantages of renting furniture easily perceived in the segment..

Turning goods into service is a common strategy in this market; hence renting furniture according to the needs of the startup’s moment in time is an intelligent decision and proves the attention given to the dynamics of the sector..

Highly scalable structures are part of the leverage strategy of this market; hence, being able to expand the office structure at the same speed of the business is critical for startups..

Having the flexibility to re-adjust the company’s structure at the speed that changes take place in is one of the most relevant benefits of renting for startups. Agility and economy are also advantages that meet the needs of this market..

A segment that also greatly benefits from renting is that of the accelerators’, which oscillate both in the number of simultaneously accelerated startups, and in the amount of work positions needed..

Making the transition from home office to office, swinging and expanding are some startup realities that make it much easier to manage with furniture renting. Therefore, the match between startups and furniture rentals is unquestionable..
From furniture that lasts forever to furniture that changes with you..
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