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Benefits of Renting for Mobility

Furniture rental is the ideal solution to furnish temporary residences, offering people on the move the convenience of a ready-to-live home, avoiding the worries and burnouts related to the move itself.

When we think about expatriates (internationally transferred professionals), a furnished real estate helps while waiting for the shipped container and/or for the entire period of the stay. Thus, companies have the advantage of eliminating costs with international transportation and expatriates have ready-to-live homes from day one.

Professional transfers across the country also find advantages in the rental of residential furniture. Working and operating nationwide and fully structured to serve the entire country, John Richard rents and delivers furniture throughout the Brazilian territory.

Mobility usually has a predefined period, but changes may occur, requiring extensions and/or reductions of dwelling time. In these cases, an agreement for rented furniture can be either extended and/or terminated in advance, guaranteeing flexibility and suitability for use.

With immediate delivery services, nationwide presence and its own logistics sector, John Richard has managed to serve all Brazil, providing a complete solution for people in mobility.
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