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John Richard – How we work

Specialist in furniture rental for offices and homes, John Richard is the largest Brazilian company in the industry. Founded in 1998, the company accumulates unique experience in the furniture rental market, in addition to being a partnership of world-renowned brand: CORT, a Berkshire Hathaway company.

Acting throughout the furniture rental cycle, it has processes developed in-house and focused on the global customer service. In this way, it ensures the ideal support for furnishing spaces, such as work positions and housing for people in mobility.

From the analysis of needs to immediate delivery, assembly, disassembly and pickup of furniture, all procedures are performed by John Richard's own team, which always prioritizes minimal interference in the environment and the client's routine.

Customer Support.

John Richard carries out the complete furniture management, with fast assistance to changes and maintenance. Thus, unexpected events are promptly resolved, preventing and reducing stoppage of customers' activities. In addition, the company relocates furniture as requested, assisting in adjustments and tweaks.


With fleet and own staff, John Richard ensures safety and speed in delivery and removal of furniture. Focused on meeting the needs and schedule of customers, transportation of products (always packed to prevent damage and monitored by tracking) is 24/7.


John Richard furniture is in accordance with the standards and safety regulations and ergonomics established by ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards). Often inspected, they are carefully cleaned and stored, and follow strict quality control.

John Richard: proven quality.

With its national presence and its own logistics, John Richard aims for agile service and immediate delivery, attributes aligned with the expectations and needs of the market. In addition, it has ISO 9001, which recognizes and proves the quality of the company.

The company's commitment to excellence in the rental of furniture is a value shared by all employees and strongly observed in the culture of John Richard, who has ethical pillars and respect among its principles.

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