Unidades John Richard para Atendimento Nacional.

Conheça as 7 unidades disponíveis para alugar móveis.

Com sete unidades no País, a John Richard has scope to serve all Brazil. Each unit is responsible for the rental of office furniture and residences and the setting of spaces in the region in which it is located.

The company's comprehensive capillarity, associated to its own logistics, ensure fast and efficient service, ensuring that John Richard carries out the entire rental cycle dynamically and constantly focused on quality..

At John Richard’s, companies with branches and/or businesses off the Rio de Janeiro-São Paulo axis, and people that are nationally mobile find a furniture solution truly able to immediately meet their needs..

National presence is an important advantage for companies that need national rental agreements. John Richard guarantees the same service throughout Brazil, which facilitates project management and coordination by the responsible department.

With its own and complete structure, according to the company's strict standards of excellence as well as an understanding of local peculiarities and routines, each unit has a specialized team to serve the area of action.

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