Furniture rental
Offices in Brasília.

Distrito Federal SAA Quadra 01, 1120 - Asa Norte - Brasília - DF - 70632-100

Contact 0800 771 5352 | +55 11 5698-5300

John Richard’s unit structure in Brasília: Warehouse 1.000m².

Furniture renting in Brasília.

The only Federative Unit of the country that has no municipalities, Distrito Federal has 31 administrative regions and the capital of Brazil, Brasília, as the nucleus of the region. Even though it is the smallest federative unit in Brazil, its GDP is the 8th largest one in the country..

With headquarters and branches of several companies, Distrito Federal has a huge importance in the corporate universe. In addition, it houses the three spheres of the Federal Administration and hosts hundreds of foreign embassies..

The presence of John Richard in Distrito Federal is part of the national company strategy and close to the clients. In addition to the focus on an excellent service in the State - own logistics and specialized team, national contracts have the same standard in all 7 units..

Located in the Asa Norte area, John Richard’s unit in Distrito Federal serves Brasilia, Goiânia, other cities of the State of Goiás and also the nearby States. In this way, the surrounding companies have furniture on demand with immediate service and agile delivery..

Renting tables, chairs and cabinets is an ideal solution for companies, startups and co-workings in the FD area and region that need to be flexible when moving. Furniture rental in the long term and/or for projects, training and corporate events enables an elastic management of the office..

Furniture rental
Residential in Brasília.

In Distrito Federal, both corporate and political migrants, such as ambassadors and consuls, who find in housing rentals a way to completely structure temporary housing, pass by..

There are several universities and educational centers in the city, which attract undergraduate, postgraduate, master’s and doctoral students. Renting furniture for residence is also the ideal solution for the temporary housing of students in the DF and nearby towns..

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