Furniture renting in Minas Gerais.

Minas Gerais R. Moacyr Gonçalves Costa, 315 - Dom I. Jardim Piemonte/ Sul Betim - MG - 32669-722

Contact 0800 771 5352 | +55 11 5698-5300

John Richard’s unit structure in Bahia: Warehouse 700m².

Minas Gerais’ GDP is the 3rd larger one in Brazil. Accountable for more than 40% of the national mineral production, the industrial sector is very solid in the State. Trade and services are also important areas and account for more than half of the state's economy..

John Richard’s presence in Minas Gerais is part of the “nationwide and close to customer” company’s strategy. In addition to the focus on an excellent service in the State, own logistics and a skilled team, national agreements have the same standard in all 7 units..

John Richard’s unit in the State of Minas Gerais is located in Contagem. From there, the rental company responds quickly and on demand to the companies in the region, especially the hot market of startups and co-workings..

With more than 850 municipalities, countless companies are settled in the capital, Belo Horizonte and its metropolitan region, as well as in Contagem (local unit), Juiz de Fora and in the main cities of the Minas Triangle: Uberlândia, Uberaba, Araguari, Ituiutaba and Araxá..

Furniture rental
office in Minas Gerais.

Companies, startups and co-workings in the municipalities of Minas Gerais and nearby need flexible offices, which is what John Richard provides, ensuring immediate care through its own logistics, and wide structure and skilled team..

Regardless of the need of companies close to the Minas Gerais Unit - long term or corporate projects and trainings - John Richard furniture solutions offer tables, chairs, cabinets, etc. on demand..

Furniture rental
Residential in Minas Gerais.

For professionals transferred to HQ and/or branches in Minas Gerais and region, whether expatriates or Brazilians, renting residential furniture with the John Richard unit in Minas Gerais is an advantageous solution..

Other prospects that benefit from renting household items - beds, sofas, tables, appliances, etc. - are the students attracted by the various universities and colleges settled in the State, which require housing for as long as the course lasts..

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