Furniture renting in Paraná.

Furniture renting in ParanáParaná R. das Carmelitas, 5064 - Boqueirão - Curitiba - PR - 81730-050

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John Richard’s unit structure in Paraná: Warehouse 700m².

GDP in Paraná is the 5th largest in Brazil and it comprises almost 400 municipalities. With varied economic activities, the state stands out in agriculture, agribusiness and automobile industries. Besides the capital Curitiba, Londrina, Paranaguá and Foz do Iguaçu are key municipalities..

The Paraná unit also serves Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul, providing agile service to Florianópolis, Porto Alegre, Joinville and other cities that need furniture in the South of the Country..

John Richard’s presence in Paraná is part of the company’s “nationwide and close to customer” strategy. In addition to the focus on an excellent service in the State, own logistics and a skilled team, national agreements have the same standard in all 7 units..

Furniture rental
Offices in Paraná.

Office furniture needs in Paraná are served by the John Richard unit in the Boqueirão neighborhood, an industrial, metallurgical and commercial area of Curitiba. Thus, companies in the city and the region have tables, chairs and cabinets on demand. .

With advantages such as immediate service, agile delivery and maintenance, John Richard's furniture rental offers companies, startups and co-working in Paraná and in the South region a flexible option for office structure and asset management..

Furniture rental
Residential in Paraná.

A major city in the South of the country, Curitiba receives transferred professionals, expatriates, students and people on the move who need temporary housing. Renting furniture for residences solves this need in a convenient way..

John Richard’s Curitiba unit rents residential furniture to all home environments with immediate care and maintenance. Thus, living temporarily in the South of Brazil is practical and comfortable..

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