Furniture renting in Pernambuco.

Pernambuco R. Artur Moura, 88 - Galpão 5 - Recife - PE - 51150-260

Contact 0800 771 5352 | +55 11 5698-5300

John Richard’s unit structure in Pernambuco: Warehouse 600m².

Pernambuco was the richest captaincy in colonial Brazil; currently it is the 10th largest GDP of the Nation. In addition to agriculture, the following industries stand out in the local economy: naval, automobile, chemical, metallurgical, electrical and electronics..

Recife, the state capital, there is the Digital Port, the largest technology park in Brazil. There are more than 200 companies, among them multinational giants. Another important location is the Recife Medical Center, which serves patients from all the country, as well as foreigner ones..

John Richard’s presence in Pernambuco is part of the “nationwide and close to customer” company’s strategy. In addition to the focus on an excellent service in the area, own logistics and a skilled team, national agreements have the same standard in all 7 units..

The booming corporate scenario has increased Recife’s need for on demand furniture|. Olinda, Petrolina and Jaboatão dos Guararapes are also part of the list of important municipalities for the region..

The Pernambuco unit serves João Pessoa and other municipalities in Paraíba, Fortaleza and the cities of Ceará, as well as the State of Sergipe. Strategically located in the Imbiribeira neighborhood, with quick access to Recife's poles, it offers furniture efficiently..

Furniture rental
office in Pernambuco.

John Richard's office furniture solution is always available for industrial and technological businesses in Pernambuco and region. The local unit’s structure, added to the nationwide presence ensures an excellent service throughout the country..

Companies, startups and co-working spaces in Recife and other cities covered by the Pernambuco unit can rent tables, chairs and all the useful furniture to the office, to furnish working positions, meeting rooms and common areas with full elasticity..

Furniture rental
Residential in Pernambuco.

Families of expatriates, Brazilian professionals transferred and students who move to Pernambuco and region can enjoy the rental of residential furniture to have a complete and ready to live house throughout the stay or while waiting for their own furniture..

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